Eric Hosking's 50 years ago... On 2nd October—his seventieth birthday—a selection of Eric Hosking's photographs will go on exhibition at the Kodak Galleries in High Holborn. The exhibition, to mark Eric's 50 years as a bird-photographer, will be opened by David Attenborough. There are also plans to commemorate this achievement by a 30- minute BBC film of his life (Eric is looking forward to being interviewed by Angela Rippon), a four-page feature in The Observer colour supplement and the publication by Pelham Books of a collection of 285 of his photographs (80 in colour) in a book entitled Eric Hosking's Birds (he disclaims responsibility for the title), costing £10.50. For I6V2 years, until July 1976, Eric was photographic editor of British Birds and he continues to help us in many ways, including acting as one of the judges for 'Bird Photograph of the Year' and 'Best recent black-and-white photographs'. We are delighted to add our congratulations to the honours noted above and to announce that, to mark this noteworthy anniversary, the cover of the October issue of British Birds will feature one of his recent colour photographs. 

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