A new book, A Reference Manual of Rare Birds in Great Britain and Ireland, compiled by K. A. Naylor, provides a unique and invaluable list of every rare bird recorded here up to 1957. Every record that has ever appeared in print is included (even those subsequently reassessed and rejected are included, within square brackets). Not only are there full details of each record, in date order, but--and this is what makes the book unique--the full references are included, so that researchers can go back to the original documentation. In due course, a second volume will cover subsequent records, from 1958--when the British Birds Rarities Committee commenced assessing records--onwards. This 198-page compilation is available only from the author. The usual price is £40.00, but British Birds subscribers can save £10.00 and obtain it for £30.00 post free. Write (quoting your BB reference number) to K. A. Naylor, 24 Kendal Road, Cropwell Bishop, Nottinghamshire.

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