The committee's annual meeting was held at Blunham, Bedfordshire, on 31st March 1979. During the preceding year, membership of the committee was P.J. Grant (chairman), M.J. Rogers (secretary), R. H. Dennis, D. J. Holman, R.J.Johns, B. Little, S. C. Madge, J. R. Mather, Dr R.J. Raines, Dr J. T. R. Sharrock and G. A. Williams. As proposed previously (Brit. Birds 71: 423) and in the absence of other nominations, T. P. Inskipp began his membership on 1st March, a month earlier than expected, following the resignation of R.J. Johns, to whom the committee extends its thanks for eight years' valuable service: few people have such a wide knowledge of the rarity scene generally (and none has seen as many species in Britain and Ireland), and his contribution will be missed

.Election of new member

As usual, nominations are invited to fill the vacancy which will arise at or before the end of March 1980, either through voluntary resignation or the automatic retirement of the longest-serving member: they should be sent to me by 31st December 1979. As in past elections, the regional recorders and bird observatories will then be invited to vote. The committee's nomination is D.J. Britton, whose work behind the scenes has already been a great asset to the committee, notably his painstaking statistical work on rarity records which forms the basis for the species totals which now appear in each annual report; he has been a constructive critic of the committee for many years

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