Charitable Trust, thus ensuring that any profits made by the company would be available to support British ornithology and, consequently, fully in accord with the sentiments of Harry Witherby. Since then, membership of the editorial board has expanded: Dawn Balmer joined in February 2003; Chris Kehoe (whose responsibility for dealing with rare subspecies on behalf of BBRC replaced a direct link with the committee that had been broken when Rob Hume retired simultaneously in 1997 as chairman of BBRC and as a member of the editorial board) in October 2005; and Steve Votier in January 2006. The combined breadth of ornithological interests of its members is now considerable. There have also been changes in the membership of the board of directors. Peter Oliver and Robin Prytherch retired, though the former remains as a trustee and the latter as a member of the editorial board. John Eyre and Ian Packer were recruited to the board, followed by Richard Porter, Terry Smeeton and, more recently, Adrian Pitches. At the end of 2005, RJC stood down as chairman and as a director, though remaining on the editorial board and as a trustee, and John Eyre took over as chairman. As for the future, we are immensely encouraged by the volume of material now being submitted to BB. This is testament to the hard work put in by our substantial team of enthusiastic workers and supporters. Most importantly, our subscribers, many of whom have witnessed some of the changes to the fortunes of the
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