Preparations are being made for the compilation of the tenth Turkey Bird Report, which will cover the period 2002–06. Once again, the report will be produced by an Anglo–­Turkish team, comprising Barbaros Demirci, Metehan Özen and Guy M. Kirwan, and published in Sandgrouse. Many records have already been received and there is no need for these to be sent again, but we do urge any observers with unpublished or published records for the period 2002–­06 to contact any member of the editorial team, either via [email protected], or by writing to: Turkey Bird Report, OSME, The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 2DL. It would be helpful if observers were able to consult the most recent report, covering 1997–2001 (Sandgrouse 25: 8–31), wherein details of those species for which records are particularly sought can be found. Trip reports are nonetheless welcome, as are photographs, both as documentation and for possible publication in the report. Anyone requiring further details is welcome to contact the editors.If you see any large flocks of European Golden Plovers Pluvialis apricaria or Northern Lapwings this winter, the BTO wants to know. The last count, in October 2003, only scratched the surface in terms of areas covered and it is hoped that this survey will spread the net wider and provide better insights into the numbers of these species wintering in Britain. The main count periods are around 8th October, 19th November, 17th December, 21st January and 18th February. 

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