Sterling rather than dollar payments by US subscribers

Payment is made in pounds sterling by subscribers from everywhere in the world except the USA. Most American subscribers pay in US dollars, but some do pay in ££ and we greatly welcome this; it is also cheaper for them. Payment in $$ has several disadvantages for BB: (1) the cheques have to be kept separate; (2) the sums have to be handwritten into account books rather than typed into our computer; (3) payment into our bank account has to be separate, with each cheque counter-signed individually; (4) clearance of the cheques may take weeks rather than the usual one or two days; (5) delayed clearance causes complications with monthly accounting; (6) the varying exchange rate means that we cannot predict how much we shall get in ££ for the $$ paid; (7) the bank charges can be as much as £2.00 for a single cheque; (8) any error in the sum paid results in this whole complicated business being repeated. These are the reasons that the conversion rate used by us, and by many other publishers (unless they have bank accounts in the USA), is £1.00 = $2.50. As a service, we do quote a dollar price for subscriptions and for book and disc offers, but we would much prefer all payments to be in ££. We hope that this explanatory request will show why this will help us, and also be cheaper for our American subscribers.

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