Mute Swans with yellow collars or yellow rings

As part of a study of the population structure and dynamics of wild Mute Swans Cygnus olor in the Outer Hebrides, 385 were caught and marked on the Uists in the first half of August 1978. All the fully grown swans were marked with 8-cm yellow neck collars, with a three-digit combination engraved in black. The digits, which should be read upwards, are repeated three times vertically on the collar, and consist of two letters and a number. About 100 cygnets were also marked, using traditional large darvic leg rings, again with black figures on a yellow background. Reports of sightings in the Hebrides or elsewhere will be gratefully received (even if the collar combination was not read completely) by Chris Spray, c/o Culterty Field Station, Newburgh, Ellon, Aberdeenshire AB4 OAA.

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