The 1957 irruptions of tits and other species.--The organisers report a good response to the earlier appeals (antea, vol. L, pp. 495 and 542) for information about the movements of tits (Parus spp). and other birds in the autumn of 1957. For England and Wales this has provided a reasonably full picture of the influx around the coasts, but a rather less complete one of movements and numbers inland. Much less information has been received for Scotland and Ireland, however, and reports (even if negative) of movements, numbers and behaviour from these two countries would be particularly welcome. In addition, details of any movements or changes in numbers during the winter, and of the periods during which paper-tearing, putty-pecking and similar activities were observed (giving first and last dates where possible) are required for the whole of the British Isles. Observations should be sent to Messrs. A. Pettet and J. T. R. Sharrock, Botany Department, University of Southampton. Gulls feeding on grain.--In the very dry harvest of 1955, gulls (Larus spp.) made grain their staple diet in one locality in Pembrokeshire, and the tentative conclusion was reached that birds which normally foraged on agricultural land took grain because earthworms and insects were not available to them (antea, vol. xlix, pp. 400-404). This conclusion had some support from observations in 1956, a wet season, since gulls were only occasionally seen feeding in cornfields, but in 1957, also a wet season, they continued to frequent some stubbles until they were ploughed in
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