Identification of stints and peeps. In 12 or 18 months' time, we intend to publish an update of identification criteria, based on the thorough field-testing which will undoubtedly be taking place following the publication in July of the paper by Lars Jonsson and P.J. Grant (Brit. Birds 77: 293-315). Any new information, criticisms, opinions or photographs will be welcomed by P.J. Grant, 14 Heathfield Road, Ashford, KentTN248QD. Belted Kingfisher

The Rarities Committee has recently received a report of a Belted Kingfisher Ceryle alcyon at Pollbrook Bridge, Cornwall, on 5th December 1981. There may have been other unreported observations since its documented stay in Cornwall from November (probably October) 1979 to August 1980 (Brit. Birds 73: 516; 74: 480). Any reports will be gratefully received.

Lost contributors We are trying to trace the current addresses of the following authors of as-yet-unpublished notes: David A. Cope (formerly University of Exeter), A. P. Fowles (formerly Dyfed), Brian Hill (formerly Yeovil), John McKee (formerly Paisley), Reginald Alan Osgood (formerly Gosport), and C. A. White (formerly Southall). Can you help us to get in touch with any of them? Please write to Mrs Sheila Cobban at the editorial address. Please give us all a Christmas present next month Inserted with the next issue of 'BB' (that for December) you will find a copy of our new subscription leaflet. Please do not throw this away; please pass it on to a friend whom you think may be a potential 'BB' subscriber.

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