Migration surveys and ringing at Eilat, Israel.0

Help is required at the birdwatching centre of the Nature Reserve Authority at Eilat in 1985/86 for: (1) autumn 1985 (ringing of passerines and waders during 15th August to 31st December), and (2) spring 1986 (raptor migration survey during 15th February to 25th May 1986, and ringing during 1st February to 15th June 1986). Volunteers should have a ringing permit of type A or B, and have good ringing experience, or have experience in raptor identification in flight. The Nature Reserve Authority will help in lodging and food expenses for those able to stay for periods longer than one month. Anyone interested should apply in writing and enclose a photocopy of their ringing permit, recommendations from a well-known ornithologist, and mention of their past experience. Please apply to H. Shirihai, c/o NRA Birdwatching Centre, POB 774, Eilat, Israel.

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