Bustard photographs. The Bustard Group of the International Council for Bird Preservation is preparing a booklet about the bustards of the world, with emphasis on their conservation. Photographs of all species (colour slides) are needed urgently to illustrate the booklet. Funds are very limited, but a small fee will be payable lor any pictures printed. Please send material to Mark Boulton, Education Centre, Greenfield House, Guiting Power, Gloucestershire.

Colour-marked Sabine's Gulls Some Sabine's Gulls Larus sabini overwinter in the Atlantic Ocean (off Namibia) and others in the Pacific Ocean (off Peru). Somewhere in northern Canada , a migratory divide must be situated. During the breeding season of 1984, Sabine's Gulls will be colour-ringed and dyed (yellow) at the colony at Cambridge Bay, Victoria Island, Canada , with the main aim of determining the position of this divide. For records of the marked birds, we are entirely dependent upon observers along the possible migration routes: in autumn 1984 they may be recorded in the Pacific, in the Atlantic, or even in the interior of North America. Any records of sightings of marked Sabine's Gulls, specifying locality and date, will be gratefully received by Thijs Knol and Dr Ja n Wattcl, Zoologisch Museum, Postbus 20125, 100 H C Amsterdam, Netherlands; or by Bird Banding Office, Canadian Wildlife Service, Ottawa , Ontario KIA 0H3, Canada .  

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