Status of Reeves's Pheasant

Currently, Reeves's Pheasant Syrmaticus reevesii is in category D of the British list. Recent checks, however, have indicated that all recorded liberations of the species have failed, while those in Woburn Park, Bedfordshire, have to be supplemented periodically from captive-bred stock. Thus, it seems that Reeves's Pheasant no longer exists anywhere in Britain in a truly feral state. The BOU Records Committee proposes to delete the species from category D, but, before doing so, invites information from anyone who may know of an extant unrecorded feral population. Please contact Robert Hudson, c/o BTO, Beech Grove, Station Road, Tring, Hertfordshire HP23 5NR.

Roving Tit Flocks Project

The joint BB/YOC study of roving parties of tits Parus & Aegithalos and other birds during the seven-month period 1st August 1980 to 28th February 1981 has now finished. The details required for each flock are: (1) list of all species in flock (2) numbers of each species (3) category of habitat: (a) mainly coniferous woodland, (b) mainly deciduous woodland, or (c) hedgerow. (Garden records are not required, to avoid bias produced by bird-tables and nut-baskets) (4) county where observation made (5) date of observation. Please send details of each flock on a separate card or sheet, with your name, address and (if under 18} age. Reasons for specific identifications of Marsh Parus palustris and Willow Tits P. montanus should be given; if there is any doubt, list as 'Marsh/Willow'. Records should be sent now, to YOC/BB Project, British Birds, Fountains, Park Lane, Bedford MK44 3NJ

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