Winter Atlas

The BTO and the Irish Wildbird Conservancy have launched a major project, the Winter Adas. Fieldwork starts in mid November and continues until the end of February in each of. the next three winters (in 1981/82, the precise dates are 14th November and 28th February). The object is to produce a winter distribution map for each species. Within each 10-km square, observers are asked to record not only the presence of every species observed, but also to provide counts. The final maps will show, in addition to the distribution, where each species is commoner and where scarcer. For most species, especially landbirds, detailed information on winter distribution is lacking at present. For waterbirds, the main concentrations of many wildfowl and waders are known from the Wildfowl Counts, the Birds of Estuaries Enquiry and the Irish Wetlands Enquiry, but, even for these species, we do not know the complete distributions, and those of some wader species in particular are very poorly known. Special timed counts lasting at least one hour will be especially valuable, although casual records will also be incorporated. Help is needed from everyone, not just BTO and IWC members. Records should be submitted on special forms and cards. Please write for full details (a 25 cm x 18 cm SAE would be appreciated) to your Regional Organiser, if you know his name and address, or to Dr Peter Lack, BTO, Beech Grove, Tring, Hertfordshire HP23 5NR.

Rhododendrons and wildlife

To assist a research project, records of birds and mammals nesting in rhododendron Rhododendron ponticum, or using rhododendron for roosting or for cover, are required by Ian D. Rotherham, Department of Botany, University of Sheffield, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TN.  

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