Entangled seabirds. A one-year project has been commissioned by the Tidy Britain Group to study six-pack and four-pack can-carriers in the marine environment. The study is concerned with the probability and methods of entanglement of seabirds by can-earriers in relation to other similar debris. Any records (or dead specimens) of entangled seabirds will be gratefully received by Chris Onions, Tidy Britain Group, Famborough College of Technology, Boundary Road, Famborough, Hampshire GU14 6SB; phone Famborough (0252) 391278. (Any expenses incurred will be refunded, and further information is available on request.)

Breeding birds of Madagascar For the preparation of an atlas of the breeding birds of Madagascar, unpublished observations, copies of published literature and information on any Madagascan birds in small museums and private collections is requested. All contributions, which will be fully acknowledged, should be sent to Steven M. Goodman and Thomas S. Schulenberg, Field Museum of Natural History, Roosevelt Road at Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Blinois 60605, USA (phone 312-922-9410); or to Olivier Langrand and Lucienne Wilme, WWF Aires Protegees, B.P. 738, Antananarivo (101), Madagascar.

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