Sightings of White-tailed Eagles. The number of White-tailed Eagles Haliaeetus albicilla released from the Isle of Rhum in the Inner Hebrides has now reached 72, with a final ten to be freed in 1985. Each bird is individually marked with a BTO ring and coloured rings (although some of these may now have been lost). The last 30 to be liberated were fitted with large patagial wing-tags of coloured plastic, numbered 0 to 9. Some of the eagles have now dispersed from Rhum. a few as far as Shetland. Both the NCC and RSPB carefully monitor the birds after release, but we suspect that many birdwatchers may not have felt it worthwhile reporting sightings of these birds. Casual records are, however, extremely useful in building up a! detailed picture of the White-tailed Eagles' dispersal and survival. We would be pleased to receive any records, including details of place, date, number and approximate age of the birds, what they were doing and any colour marks identified. Please supply details of observations to John A. Love, NCC, 9 Culduthel Road, Inverness; Roy H. Dennis, RSPB, Landberg, North Kessock, Inverness IVi 1XD; or Roger A. Broad, RSPB, 6 Birch Road, Killearn, Glasgow.

Spanish rare birds committee A rarities committee (Comitede Rarezas) has been established by the Spanish society, Sociedad Espanola de Ornitologia. Birdwatchers who have visited or will be visiting Spain are requested to send details of rare birds to Dr Eduardo de Juana, Sociedad Espanola de Ornitologia, Facultad de Biologia, Tercer Pabellon, Planta IX, Cuidad Universitaria, 28040 Madrid, Spain, or to Andrew M. Paterson, Ediffcio San Gabriel, 2-4°-A, Escritor Adolfo Reyes, 29000 Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain.  

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