Natural History of the Lake District. Edited by Canon G. A. K. Hervey and J. A. G. Barnes. Warne, London, 1970. 230 pages; 32 plates, 8 in colour; 3 maps; 20 line drawings. 60s. Lake District naturalists owe a considerable debt to the late Canon Hervey for his energy and initiative in the fields of conservation and education, of which this book is the latest example. Following his death, it was seen through into print by J. A. G. Barnes. Its purpose is described as being to inform the interested walker or tourist about the area defined as the Lake District National Park. This is the central area of lakes and fells within the more natural unit of the Lake Counties. It happens that many localities of natural history interest in this region lie outside the National Park and tempt some of the contributors to wander. The reader in mind, by definition uninformed, is provided with some fairly basic and, of necessity, general concepts and the local treatment assumes a minimal knowledge of the subject. There are eleven essays by authors with a considerable claim to authority, an introduction and an epilogue by the senior editor, a description of some local organisations, a bibliography and an index. Five of the essays are brief and deal with Lichens, Fungi, Molluscs, Spiders, and Amphibians and Reptiles in some fourteen pages. The six longer essays deal with: Geology and Terrain; Flowering Plants, Ferns and Mosses; Life in the Water; Insects; Birds; and Mammals.
Issue 8
Housden, S

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