A Revised List of the Birds of Oxfordshire. By W. B. Alexander. Printed for the Oxford Ornithological Society, 1947. Price 2s. _ It is possible that in recent years too much emphasis has been thrown on the differences between species and sub-species. They have been treated separately and this has tended to create a wrong idea of the nature of a sub-species. Mr. Alexander gives a list of 251 species for Oxfordshire (compared with 241 recorded by Aplin in 1889) and refers appropriately to sub-species, such as those of Redpoll, Chaffinch, Song-Thrush etc., in the paragraph dealing with the species to which they belong. The order of the species and their specific names are taken from Peters' Check List, so far as it has been published. The use of this order, which begins with the divers and ends with the finches, will puzzle those who are accustomed to the Handbook or its German equivalent, and makes one realize the need for a world-wide agreement on classification and nomenclature, if ever the bewildered amateur is to have an easy mind. Considering that Oxfordshire contains few lakes or reservoirs of size, the number of waterfowl, waders and sea-coast birds in this list is considerable. The Thames valley, with, in places, wide areas subject to flooding, such as Port Meadow, secondly the lake at Blenheim, and thirdly a seductive sewagefarm at Sandford, account for most of these. Among the less common birds that breed in the county are Marsh-Warbler, Woodlark, Wryneck, Hobby and
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