Report on the Immigration of Summer-residents in the Spring of 1912 ; also Notes on the Migratory Movements and Records received from Lighthouses and Light-vessels during the Autumn of 1911. By the Committee appointed by the British Ornithologists' Club (forming Vol. XXXII., Bull. B.O.C.). 18 Maps. Witherby & Co. 6s. net. As we have remarked in a previous notice, these yearly Reports (of which this is the eighth) become more and more valuable by continuity of observation on the same lines. But in addition to this the present Report is even fuller than previous ones, and this says much for the keenness of observers, as well as for the untiring labours of the Committee whose task it is to collate and report on the mass of observations. March, 1912, was exceptionally mild, and the weather during this month as well as in April and May was favourable to migration, " consequently . . . individuals of many species arrived in various parts of the country on unusually early dates." The weather in the autumn of 1911 was also so favourable to the birds that they were not " held u p , " and consequently moved away so gradually as to make observation difficult. The winter of 1911-12 was chiefly remarkable for the " i n v a s i o n " of Little Auks, which was well recorded in our pages, and of which a condensed report is given. Other observations of special interest which have not been
Issue 8

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