and XI. Jahres-berichte (1910 and 1911) der Vogelwarte Rossitten. J. Thienemann. Journal fur Orniihologie, 1911, pp. 621-707 , and 1912, pp. 133-243, 431-470; and Sonderheft, 1913. T H E reports of the Rossitten station are increasing in bulk, and each of the two latest reports lying before us is subdivided into two parts. The first part of the 1910 report contains the usual classified summary of the year's local observations. Some idea of the magnitude of the migration phenomena at Rossitten may be gathered from the fact that the most extraordinary " r u s h " the present writer {re-visiting Rossitten in that season) has ever seen, is dismissed with the words, " 3. Oktober : Starker Krahenzug " ! The second part concludes with an elaborate summary of records of Woodcock-migration in East Prussia, West Prussia, and Posen in the autumns of 1909 and 1910 (also issued separately). The rest of Part II. consists of marking-records. The most important of these is the summary of the Storkrecords (with maps), but this was published earlier as a separate paper, and has already been noticed here (Vol. IV., p. 357). Other interesting records are those of a Blackheaded Gull marked as a nestling at Rossitten July 16th, 1908, and recovered as a breeding bird in Russian Kurland (150 km. distant), May 16th, 1910 ; and of Spoonbills marked in Holland and recovered respectively at the mouth of the Seine and at St. Puy in southern France, the latter at
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