By JAMES FISHER (Pelican Books, London, 1955). 3s. 6d. THIS is the third in an excellent series eventually to total four volumes covering all but the rarer blrds on the British Ost. The birds included faere are the rails, game-birds, and larger perching and singing birds, and among the species omitted on account of rarity are Nutcracker, Alpine Swift and Woodchat Shrike. The book follows the pattern of the two earlier volumes, and consists roughly speaking of a page of text for each species, facing a page containing a drawing, a distribution map and year-cycle chart; there are also habitat keys and field-character keys at the beginning of the book. The year-cycle charts are largely selfexplanatory and the same applies to most of the maps, but those, for example,of the Chough, Raven and Black Redstart may be rather misleading or seem to be in disagreement with the text, without the explanatory keys which have appeared only in volume 1. I like the extra Information which is given beyond what might reasonably be expected in a condensation of this kind; thus, for a number of species which have increased or decreased their ränge markedly, there are 2 maps to show the changed Situation. Distribution abroad is stated in some detail, with an indication of winter-range. Displays are mentioned, and the brief descriptions of general actions and habits are very apt. An unusual feature is the inclusion of the weights of birds, but it is clearly a misprint to give the
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