Fifteenth Annual Report (1948) and Sixteenth Annual Report (1949) of the British Trust for Ornithology. Price 1/6. Obtainable from B.T.O., 91, Banbury Road, Oxford. These two reports give evidence of much useful work carried on under the auspices of the British Trust for Ornithology. Readers of British Birds will find t h a t parts of both reports cover familiar ground, for many of the Trust's activities form t h e subject of short annual reports in our pages (e.g., the sample census of Herons) or of longer papers (e.g., " The opening of milk bottles by b i r d s " ) . There are, however, many other schemes to which hitherto British Birds has given less publicity. Some of these enquiries, such as the one into paper-tearing by birds, are essentially short-term ones ; others, such as the Fulmar Investigation, are repeated a t regular intervals ; others have acquired a permanency comparable to t h a t of the Ringing scheme. Of the last, the Nest-Record scheme is perhaps the largest and we are glad to note t h a t a record number of cards was completed in 1949. Amongst the summaries of the Trust activities there appears also a report of the interesting and important work carried out a t the Edward Grey Institute. A very valuable addition to both reports is the reference list for ornithologists, containing details of all active local societies and of the local reports now published in various parts
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