Transactions of the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society, 1935. T H E Report of the Committee for Wild Bird Protection is very full this year and gives a good account of the main ornithological events in the county. Notes by Major A. Buxton on the behaviour of a pair of Water-Rails at the nest are of considerable interest and these are illustrated by excellent photographs. The deplorable destruction of Harriers which has already been recorded is set forth as well as Mr. Vincent's opinion of their effect on other bird-life. Bearded Tits were extremely plentiful. At Hickling a Temminck's Stint was noted on May gth, an immature Sabine's Gull on September 19th, a bird which Mr. Vincent identified as a female Rustic Bunting on April 28th and an Alpine Swift on September 3rd. In Mr. Cadman's report on Breckland we find t h a t Stone-Curlews are still clinging to their ancestral breeding grounds, and nesting in numbers took place in fairly dense plantations (Professor Newton recorded t h a t a pair resorted to a spot a t Elveden long after it had become t h e centre of a flourishing wood). A Snipe's nest was also found in a plantation three years old, and a Ringed Plover and a Lapwing nested successfully in forestry nurseries. In his report on the Kelling-Salthouse-Cley area Mr. Garnett mentions a Firecrest a t Kelling in January and February, a Willow-Tit nesting a t Kelling (there are few records for Norfolk), and
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