THE BIRDS OF SUFFOLK By Steve Piotrowski. Christopher Helm, A&C Black, London, 2003. 360 pages; 70 colour photographs; line-drawings, charts and distribution maps. ISBN 1-7136-6354-5. Hardback, £40.00. map, based upon the results of a tetrad survey, summarises the breeding range. Although for the most part these are accurate, in the case of some species, including Yellow Wagtail Motacilla flava, they were probably prepared several years ago, and details of recent, and in some cases significant, declines have been omitted. Accounts of the commoner passage migrants and winter visitors are thorough and neatly summarised using bar charts to plot changes in annual abundance. Treatment of rarities is commendably concise. Almost all accepted records of national rarities are listed individually, although careful scrutiny reveals the inclusion of a tiny minority of records which have not yet been accepted or await submission for assessment. Examples include some early reports of `Caspian Gull' Larus (cachinnans) cachinnans and an `American Herring Gull' L. argentatus smithsonianus in the late 1990s, along with two Radde's Warblers Phylloscopus schwarzi and a Dusky Warbler P. fuscatus reported in 2002. Their inclusion is doubtless due to the long gestation period of this book and the author's enthusiasm to keep the text updated. An attractive series of excellent vignettes are liberally scattered throughout the book, in addition to 32 pages of colour photographs, which show a range of important habitats, and a selection of both common and rare species photographed within the county. The Birds of Suffolk nicely complements the recently

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