AVES DA AMAZÃNIA BRASILEIRA/BIRDS OF AMAZONIAN BRAZIL By Tomas Sigrist. Avis Brasilis, 2008. 470 pages; 204 colour plates; several line-drawings; numerous colour maps. ISBN 978-85-60120-04-8. Paperback, £34.99. Available in the UK exclusively from NHBS www.nhbs.com. A companion to Sigrist's own Birds of Eastern Brazil field guide (see Brit. Birds 102: 40), this book illustrates the 1,000+ species in Brazilian Amazonia. Its geographical ambit is the states of Amapá, Amazonas, Maranhio, Mato Grosso, Rondania, Roraima, and Tocantins, many of which have not been common `stomping grounds' for visiting birders, apart from tiny parts of Mato Grosso (e.g. Alta Floresta) and Amazonas (e.g. Manaus). As the layout, and many of the positives and negatives, of this guide mirror the eastern Brazil book, readers are referred to my earlier review for a general resume. Compared to the Birds of Eastern Brazil, wherein 21 plates were by Eduardo Brettas, whose depictions I much commended, here 32 are entirely by him, with another eight partially his work. Especially pleasing are his raptors, nightbirds, jacamars (Galbulidae), puffbirds (Bucconidae) and woodpeckers (Picidae). Sadly, Sigrist's own plates (the great majority of the overall total) remain underwhelming. Those fortunate to penetrate far-western Amazonian Brazil will probably prefer to carry the Birds of Peru (Schulenberg et al. 2007, Princeton/A&C Black) over the present work. Lack of vocalisation data remains another significant negative (especially given the vocal complexity within many species, whose songs vary across major, and even some minor, rivers). Maps are important in guides such as this and yet,

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