Ornitholoski Atlas Slovenije and Zimski Ornitholoski Atlas Slovenije. These are The Atlas of Breeding Birds in Slovenia and The Atlas of Wintering Birds in Slovenia, based on fieldwork during the five-year periods 1980-84 and 1986/87-1990/91, respectively. We in Britain are proud of our atlas achievements, based on fieldwork by 10,000-15,000 observers. In the first year of the Slovenian Breeding Bird Atlas 18 observers took part, and in the five years of the project 174 of Slovenia's 244 10x10-km squares were surveyed; by the time of the Wintering Atlas, some 150 observers were involved and all but four of the squares were visited. These two complementary books display the results in the traditional form, with three sizes of dot. Iztok Geister's Breeding Atlas is the plusher of the two, and provides an excellent background to the pair of books by describing and illustrating (with excellent colour photographs) many of Slovenia's varied habitats, with a 15-page English-language text, followed by a further 11 pages (also in English) on the historical background, organisation of fieldwork, recording method and a summary of the results. These sections are followed by the individual accounts, with one page devoted to each species, including a clear map (the basic outline shows forests in green, rivers in blue and the three sizes of dot in dark brown). These pages are greatly enhanced by line-drawings by Mark Hulme. Unfortunately, the species texts are wholly in the Slovene language (but the maps 'speak for themselves).

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