The Birds of Nigeria: an annotated check-list. By J. H. Elgood, J. M. Heigham, Amberley M. Moore, Anne M. Nason, R. E. Sharland & N. J. Skinner. BOU Check-list No. 4 (2nd edn).  British Ornithologists' Union, Tring, 1994. 306 pages; 64 colour plates; 7 figures; 10 tables. ISBN 0-907446-16-7. £21.00. We may have given back most of our empire, but we are still in charge of quite large chunks of its ornithology. This is nowhere more apparent than in Nigeria. Prior to 1964, there was no easily accessible check-list of that huge country's birds, but in that year John Elgood provided just such a stimulus to observers. It featured 814 species. Thirty years on comes a third revision, prepared by Elgood and five other authors and, for the second time, aided by the BOU's initiative in national-list publishing. A total of 883 species is treated in the texts. 

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