A Revised List of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Birds.

By Edwin Cohen and John Taverner. Oxford Illustrated Press, 1972. vii + 180 pages; 32 photographs; one map and 42 linedrawings. £2.50.

Shortly before he died in 1970, Edwin Cohen began work on a revised edition of his book The Birds of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (1963) and it is sad that he was denied seeing it to fruition. John Taverner inherited that task, but the recent surge of records has necessitated a completely new book. The earlier volume (reviewed in Brit. Birds, 57: 208-209) included chapters on, for example, botanical and geological aspects, as well as the species sections usual in county avifaunas; the present book consists entirely of an expanded systematic list covering all records up to the end of 1971. 

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