The Manx Shearwater. By Michael Brooke. T. & A. D. Poyser, London, 1990. 246 pages; 24 black-and-white plates; 21 line-drawings. £17.00. Britain and Ireland hold internationally important numbers of breeding seabirds including Manx Shearwater Puffinus puffinus. Apart from small colonies elsewhere in the north Atlantic, Britain and Ireland hold the lion's share (about 90%) of the world population of this enigmatic seabird. It is fitting and timely that, after 50 years of study, pioneered by Ronald Lockley in the 1930s, the first-ever monograph on this nationally significant species should be published. Mike Brooke's years on Skomer and Skokholm were clearly more intensely scientific than mine on another, albeit minor, shearwater island, Bardsey. He draws largely on his own extensive research, but incorporates the original work of Lockley, that of Harris & Perrins in Wales in the 1960s, and recent studies on Manx Shearwater senses by James, and breeding ecology on Rhum by T h o m p s o n . T h e 12 pages of references indicate a very thorough approach. Divided into 12 chapters, with numerous explicit subheadings, the book is easy for dipping into and finding specific facts. Major topics include Manx Shearwaters in relation to other Procellariiformes, world distribution, movements and migration.

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