Fantastic Journeys: the marvels of animal migration. Consultant Editor: Robin Baker. (Merehurst, London, 1991. 240 pages. £25.00) Interesting, authoritative texts, written in a very readable style, and scores of stunning photographs combine to make this popular, 'coffee-table' book on migration (other animals as well as birds) both entertaining and educational. First-rate in its class. The Mitchell Beazley Pocket Guide to Birds.of Prey of the World. By Martin Walters. (Octopus Publishing Group, London, 1991. 192 pages. £6.99) Another useful addition to the 'Pocket Guide' series. All 295 species of raptor are illustrated in colour, including flight patterns where relevant. The accompanying text explains their main identification features, basic ecology, world distribution and conservation status. The illustrations are rather simplified, and immature plumages are not always illustrated. This is, however, a very comprehensive guide, and much cheaper than any of the alternatives. [PETER M. ELLIS]

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