Migration Paths through Time and Space. By R. Robin Baker. (Hodder & Stoughton, 1982. Paperback, £5.45) Continuing, on a generally popular level, the author's ideas propounded in The Evolutionary Ecology of Animal Migration (1978: reviewed Brit. Birds 74: 451-452). Even those parts which seem wildly improbable make stimulating reading. This book is intended for undergraduate and sixth-form students and teachers; it is, however, less of a textbook than this might suggest. Robin Baker does not really take us gently by the hand and lead us through the intricacies of past and modern ideas on migration; rather, he leads us on a wild and hectic romp, seldom sticking to the accepted path. His enthusiasm bursts through even from the printed page and this 248-page paperback is likely to astonish, irritate and provoke, as well as fascinate, anyone interested in migration. Above all, it is an enormously interesting and exciting treatment of an enormously interesting and exciting phenomenon.

Stimmen der Vogel Europas. By H.-H. Bergmann and H.-W. Helb. (BLV Verlagsgesellschaft, 1982. DM54.00) The dimensions of a thick field guide (460 pages), with 2,000 sonagrams of 400 species. Illustrations are confined to decorative line-drawings and the text is wholly in German. This is, however, a first-rate reference book if you are one of the new generation of birders who can convert a sonagram's visual presentation to a mental audio-image.

Guide des Oiseaux de Camargue, By J. Blondel and P. Isenmann. (Delachaux & Niestle, 1981. Fr F99.00) Entirely in French, but this useful book is so well laid out that even the least language-oriented English birder should be able to cope. Abundance through the year is shown by means of diagrams for all the common species. The 40 plates of colour photographs are well chosen to evoke the atmosphere of the Camargue and its birds. Every visitor to this south European Mecca will wish to own this attractive, useful, handy volume. 

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