Where to Watch Birds in Southern Africa. By A. Berruti and J. C. Sinclair. (C. Struick Publishers, 1983. £14.00 including p&p from RSA Book Distributors, PO Box 1144, Cape Town 8000, South Africa.) Covering Southern Africa from the Cape to the Cunene and Zambezi rivers, this book is a must for anyone taking, or planning, a birding holiday anywhere in this exciting, bird-rich area. The main body ofthe book (11 chapters) concentrates on the best birdwatching locations, each location having information on directions, habitat, birds to be seen, and accommodation. Also included is a full checklist of South African birds, and 64 delightful colour photographs.reference, but to provide an entertaining and educational read. [NORMAN ARLOTT]

The Macdonald Encyclopaedia of Birds of the World. By Gianfranco Bologna, (Macdonald, 1984. Hardback, £9.95; paperback, £6.95) If you would like to have a book with 424 of the world's 8,500-odd species, each illustrated with one colour photograph and with a facing half-page of text, arranged, believe it or not, alphabetically by scientific name (i.e. starting with 'Acanthis fiammea Common Redpoll' and ending with 'Zosterops palpebrosa Oriental White-eye'), written for the American market (e.g. molt; color; and the BTO/IWC Atlas published by Buteo Books of New York), then this is the book for you. 

A Complete Checklist of the Birds of die World. By Richard Howard and Alick Moore. (Papermac, 1984. Paperback, £7.95) This world checklist, first published in 1980 at £17.50 (review: Brit. Birds 74: 406), is nowproduced in a cheap, paperback version, which will be very greatly welcomed bypotential users for whom the previous high price was a deterrent to purchase. This has rapidly become a widely respected and much used checklist. The addition of a complete index to the English names (as well as the previous one to all scientific names) makes this 732-page book even more useful. As paperback bindings go, this one seems fairlystrong, as is necessary for this huge book. 


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