An Atlas of Wintering Birds in the Western Algarve 1986-87. By Mark Bolton. (A Rocha Trust, Portimao, 1987. 82 pages. Paperback £4.50). Planning a winter break in this area? If so, you will certainly wish to refer to this Atlas with its four to six maps per page, showing distribution and relative abundance (for a total of 157 species), and facing pages with texts in English.

Birds: the paintings of Terance James Bond. (Lutterworth Press, Cambridge, 1988. 96 pages. £35.00) A book of pretty pictures which will no doubt be very popular with bird-lovers who enjoy this style of painting; plumage details, scale between bird and different parts of the habitat, and jizz are not always depicted accurately, the painting devoted to the Long-Tailed Titmouse (sic) Aegithalos caudatus being one of the worst in these respects. I do not agree with the publisher's claim that this is 'The most beautiful bird book for years.'

A Field Guide to Hawks: North America. By William S. Clark. Illustrations by Brian K. Wheeler. (Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1987. 198 pages. $19.95) Clearly presented, well-researched and much-needed guide to the flight identification of raptors of North America. Each species is illustrated in colour--often with several drawings--and the emphasis is on the all-important wing-patterns. Very useful annotated black-and-white photographic section which uses pointers to highlight important features; such a system could usefully be copied by others dealing with species which are difficult to identify. Don't go birding in North America without it!

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