ABSTRACT In April 1908, a dark-morph Kermadec Petrel Pterodroma neglecta was reportedly found dead in Cheshire.The record was accepted by BOURC for more than 60 years but was removed from the British List in 1971 because the species was considered to be relatively sedentary in the South Pacific. More recent work has shown that Kermadec Petrel wanders widely in the Pacific and that it may have been recorded in the Atlantic. Since the original reasons for rejection were no longer valid, BOURC decided to review the record.The Committee concluded that it was not impossible for a Kermadec Petrel to occur in British waters but the circumstances surrounding this record made it unlikely to have been a genuine vagrant. Moreover, a commercial taxidermist involved with the record made substantial financial gains from the specimen. Such circumstances are frequently associated with fraud.

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Bloxhill, F
Edwards, L. A. C
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