Until the present time no thorough or systematic survey of the distribution and behaviour of the birds of a suburban area has appeared since F . D . Power's Ornithological Notes from a South London Suburb, 1874-1909, published in 1910. This paper sets out the results obtained by the author from the study of Dollis Hill, a suburban area in north-west London. It is based on detailed observations carried out over a period of more than ten years from January 1951 to the summer of 1961, when I lived in the district, as well as on spasmodic observations from August 1943 to December 1950, when I was a frequent visitor. The area chosen for study lies within 1,250 yards or less of my home and can be comfortably managed by one observer;  it contains five major habitats forming a fascinating, almost exclusively man-made, ecological unit.

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