On 13th October 1985, after a good morning's birding at Rame Head, Cornwall, I left V. R. Tucker and R. Burridge and headed homeward at about 10.00 GMT. On the way, I stopped to check the hedges and trees around Rame church, which regularly hold migrants. In the cover of the roadside hedge, I found nothing but a small flock of Blue Parus caeruleus and Great Tits P. major with one or two Goldcrests Regulus regulus. I was about to leave when a small bird on the far side of a hawthorn Crataegus monogyna hedge caught my attention. It was facing away from me and partially hidden by foliage, but I was intrigued by what I could see of the upperparts, which showed a bright olive-green on the mantle and coverts and a darker shade on the flight feathers; no wingbar was visible.

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