It was decided at the close of the XIII International Ornithological Congress at Ithaca, New York, that the next Congress would be held in Great Britain in 1966, with Dr. David Lack as President. At a meeting of the British members of the International Ornithological Committee, Dr. N. Tinbergen was elected as SecretaryGeneral and, after full consideration of various possibilities, it was decided to hold the Congress in Oxford. A British Executive Committee was formed. In view of the decision of the full International Ornithological Committee that there was no need to hold the Congress in the breeding season (the intention being that, if practicable, it should be held outside the breeding season), the British Committee decided that the meeting should take place in late July. It is not possible to meet in Oxford during August. In view of the further decision of the full International Committee that the 1966 Congress need not be preceded nor followed by excursions, the British Executive Committee decided that, if it proved practicable, only one excursion would be organised--a week's cruise of Scottish sea-bird islands in a ship of sufficient size to accommodate most members of the Congress. The provisional dates are: i6th-25rd July 1966 for the cruise, and 24th-30th July for the meeting in Oxford. The British Executive Committee gratefully acknowledges a cheque for S200 already received from the American Ornithologists' Union towards the cost of the next Congress. If other countries wish to contribute, cheques should be sent to the Treasurer for
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