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01 May 2003
Comments News and comment The Dutch Wadden Sea is of international importance for Common Eiders Somateria mollissima, with between 102,000 and 173,000 individuals spending the winter there. In the winter of 1999/2000, beached bird surveys detected a mass mortality even...
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01 February 1989
Comments Notes Early wing moult of Eiders. During hard weather in January 1985, there was an influx of Eiders Somateria mollissima into the eastern River Swale, Kent, up to about 150 remaining throughout the spring and summer. O n 4th M a y 1985, C. E. Wheeler a...
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The use of gull nests by Eiders

01 August 1982
Comments Main paper The eggs of Eiders Somateria mollissima have been seen in the nests of Herring Gulls Larus argentatus in several locations (Robertson 1930, Barker 1938, Gross 1938), but few details have been recorded. In recent years, gull nests containing both gull a...
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