The Fulmar 'wreck' of 1962

01 January 1975
Comments Main paper During the latter half of February 1962 numbers of dark-phase Fulmars Fulmarus glacialis were reported off various parts of Britain and many were subsequently found dead, mainly on the east coast of England. An appeal for information regarding dead Ful...
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Linguistic notes on "Fulmar"

01 October 1954
Comments Main paper IN his remarkable monograph The Fulmar, James Fisher quotes (p. 121) the first mention of the bird (Fulmarus glacialis) in English literature. The quotation is from Martin Martin's book A late Voyage to St. Kilda (1698), where we read: " T h i s isle abou...
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01 November 1934
Comments Letters SIRS,--In connection with Mr. Musselwhite's letter and t h e Editor's remarks under this heading (antea, p. 151), I may record t h a t a Blackbird (Tardus m. merula) hatched four young in 1934 in a nest on a branch of a cedar on m y lawn a t Cheddar, and ...
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