Sunning in sub-Saharan Africa

01 April 2021
Comments Notes On 13th March 2020, CRB and JO observed a White Wagtail Motacilla alba sunning at Tanji Beach, The Gambia. At 11.55 GMT, a brightly marked White Wagtail landed on a sandy beach, walked towards the debris line without feeding and abruptly lay on ...
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Fifty Years ago

01 November 1979
Comments Other From 'THE BEHAVIOUR OF STARLINGS IN WINTER' by V. C. Wynne-Edwards: 'It is recommended that no steps be taken to destroy Starlings wholesale by poison gas or other efficient means before their local economic status is properly examined . . Ow...
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01 April 1979
Comments Notes Little Grebe uo-ending and foot-paddling On 15th April 1977, at Corsham Lake, Wiltshire, I watched a Little Grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis feeding in pools and channels formed when the lake was partly drained. In the deeper pools i...
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