Seasonal reports Winter 1990/91

01 August 1991
Comments News and comment After the wet, stormy end to October 1990, the weather in November quietened down considerably, and the month as a whole was dry and unusually sunny, particularly in the south and west of England. From 9th, fronts from the Atlantic brought rain in slow...
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Short reviews

01 March 1991
Comments Reviews Bird Flight: an illustrated study of birds' aerial mastery. By Robert Burton. (Facts on File Ltd, Oxford, 1990. 160 pages. £14.95) This is a very attractive and accurate presentation of the current propagated theories. This subject, of both po...
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Seasonal reports: winter 1989/90

01 August 1990
Comments Main paper The weather during this winter period was milder and wetter than average everywhere, with temperatures 2.5ºC above normal in much of southern and eastern England Unsettled westerly weather in early November changed to warm anticyclonic southeasterlies...
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Monthly reports: July 1989

01 December 1989
Comments News and comment Anticyclones remained close to Britain and Ireland during the month, bringing very warm and mainly settled conditions until 20th. Except for brief periods of cyclonic weather on 1st, 7th and 8th, the high pressure was centred over Britain and Ireland o...
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Monthly reports: June 1989

01 November 1989
Comments News and comment High pressure to the west maintained a cool unsettled flow of northerly air over Britain and Ireland during the first seven days. Much warmer southerly air arrived from the south after the centre of pressure moved to the Continent, with temperatures ex...
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Monthly reports: May 1989

01 October 1989
Comments News and comment Settled anticyclonic weather predominated during the month. For the first ten days, the high-pressure area was centred over Britain and Ireland with higher-than-average temperatures. On 11th, the pressure declined, and cold unsettled weather arrived fr...
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Monthly reports: April 1989

01 September 1989
Comments News and comment An anticyclone developed over Scandinavia during the first week, introducing cold Siberian air over Britain and Ireland and diverting the eastward-flowing, warmer Atlantic air to the south. These unsettled and warmer westerlies moved north for the seco...
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Monthly reports: December 1988

01 May 1989
Comments News and comment An anticyclone developed quickly over Scandinavia on 1st, bringing chill easterly air, only to be replaced by cold northerlies on 5th, as another anticyclone took control from the west. The centre of high pressure subsequently moved south, but remained...
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Monthly reports: November 1988

01 April 1989
Comments News and comment These are largely unchecked reports, not authenticated records Unless otherwise stated, dates refer to November 1988 Anticyclones nearby, to the east of Britain and Ireland, extended their influence, bringing quiet weather with some southeasterly winds...
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