My patch – east Somerset

01 December 2019
Comments Editorials East Somerset is an amazing, and very much under-watched, area. I’m very fortunate that within an easy walk, or a few minutes’ drive of home, there are two of the best patches. Birding to the sound of lions roaring, whilst giraffes ambl...
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My patch – Shieldhill Farm

01 October 2019
Comments Editorials My patch comprises Shieldhill Farm and some adjoining land, including the Bennan Loch and Lochcraig Reservoir, and lies close to the town of Eaglesham, in East Renfrewshire, around 15 km south of Glasgow. On the edge of the Eaglesham Moor, the farm is ...
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(Not) BB eye

01 September 2019
Comments Editorials Why oh why? The request to be guest editors for this issue of the birdspotters’ favourite monthly magazine British Birds (incorporating the Spiggie Observer) is a great honour and was a huge surprise, especially since non...
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