A new focus for Birdfair?

01 December 2019
Comments Letters I am writing to express my concern about the role of the British Birdwatching Fair in normalising high-carbon holidays.  Wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists have a moral duty to contribute their fair share to the commitment of the Pa...
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An early wild bird marking record

01 July 2019
Comments Letters As noted by, for example, Mead (1974), although formal bird ringing did not begin until the last decade of the nineteenth century, there exists an array of earlier records of the marking, and sometimes later recovery, of wild birds. Ticehurst (1932) wr...
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Hunting in Europe

01 June 2019
Comments Letters The recent article on bird hunting in Europe by Hirschfeld et al. (Brit. Birds 112: 153–166) was compelling reading. It was frankly shocking to see the lack of bag data from the UK, and also the lack of any commitment to provide any...
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