Conservation research news

01 February 2004
Comments News and comment The conflict between raptor conservation and the maintenance of high densities of grouse for shooting interests has often led to the suggestion that illegal use of poisoned baits to control predators is more likely to occur on grouse moors than in othe...
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Monthly Marathon

01 June 1997
Comments Other April's warbler (plate 33) was photographed in an exotic location (in Portugal, by Dr Kevin Carlson, in June 1990) and a few competitors gambled on Spectacled Sylvia conspicillata, Subalpine S. cantillans, Desert S. nana or Barred S. nisoria, but, by a...
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01 May 1990
Comments Notes Wren fighting with Cetti's Warbler. At 07.30 GMT on 9th August 1987, at Abbey Mead Lake, Newhythe, Kent, I noticed a Wren Troglodytes troglodytes and a Cetti's Warbler Cettia cetti fighting on the ground. They were locked in battle, and I came to withi...
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Monthly marathon

01 April 1989
Comments Other As readers will have discovered, the January Sponsored by issue arrived late—the result of a serious machine breakdown at the commercial company which packs and mails the issues of British Birds for us each month. We have, therefore, extended the 'Mo...
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01 November 1988
Comments Letters 'Breeding status of the Gad wall in Britain and Ireland' Since the publication of this paper (Brit. Birds 81: 51-66), a number of inaccuracies and sources of additional information have been brought to my attention. Gadwalls Anas strepera did in fact bree...
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