01 March 2000
Comments Notes At 08.51 GMT on 19th October 1995, near Keyhaven, Hampshire, I noticed a Great Skua Catharacta skua in fierce pursuit of a Little Egret Egretta garzetta about 1 km away over nearby saltmarsh. The egret was soon seized by the left wing and tumbled into ...
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Fifty years ago

01 July 1980
Comments Other 'NIGHT SOARING OF SWIFTS. Still there remains the question--do the birds come down and roost in the open? The only way to prove conclusively that they do not is to go up in an aeroplane and find them soaring in their aerial "park"--to cruise round the ...
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A study of Swift weights

01 September 1971
Comments Main paper N E A R L Y A L L OF 2,546 Swifts Apus apus caught at Rye Meads Sewage Purification Works, Hertfordshire, in the late spring and summer of 1962 (845) and 1963 (1,701) were weighed and examined before being ringed and released. The pattern of the weights w...
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Swifts in sea-breeze fronts

01 June 1967
Comments Main paper G L I D E R P I L O T S often find themselves sharing rising currents of air with birds, sometimes to considerable heights. A source of upcurrents which has been found and used more extensively in recent years is the rising air at the sea-breeze front. Tw...
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