01 February 1935
Comments Letters SIRS,--May I say something on this vexed subject ? I speak of those territorial species whose young depend upon insects for food. Three sets of facts seem connected :-- (i) T h a t in a cold and wet breeding season we find infertile eggs, chicks dead in t...
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Territory Reviewed

01 December 1933
Comments Main paper I T is now some twenty-five years since the theory of " territory " in bird life was enunciated b y Eliot Howard (1907-14, 1920, 1929) as the result of his intensive study of the behaviour of some of the Warblers and Buntings. The attractive nature of the...
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01 March 1932
Comments Notes SOME time ago there was discussion in British Birds on the habit of the male Hedge-Sparrow pecking at the cloaca of the female during courtship display. I have not seen reference to this habit with the House-Sparrow (Passer d. domesticus) and the followi...
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