November 2019 – contents

01 November 2019
Comments Latest issues The latest State of Nature report, released last month, did little to gladden the heart. It suggests that since the 1970s there has been a 13% decrease in average abundance across the wildlife groups studied in the UK and that the declines continue una...
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October 2019 – contents

01 October 2019
Comments Latest issues The BBRC annual report needs little introduction to regular readers, since it is now 60 years since our national rarities committee was first established. Andy Stoddart looks back over the first six decades in his ‘BBRC birthday’ BB eye on p...
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September 2019 – contents

01 September 2019
Comments Latest issues Two of the main articles in this issue showcase studies in which tracking has played an important part, which is a recurring theme in BB editorial content these days. The article on Roseate Terns features the results of direct observations (and ...
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British Birds April 2019

01 April 2019
Comments Latest issues Redstart hybrids in Europe and North Africa An analysis of wild Black Redstart x Common Redstart hybrids from Europe and North Africa is presented, with an overview of distribution, phenology, habitat, biometrics, phenotypes and v...
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