Studies of Sparrowhawks

01 June 1973
Comments Main paper Roy Blewitt's photographs are the first of the Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus to be published in British Birds since the long series which accompanied J. H. Owen's remarkable studies during 1916-36. They show well the uniform upperparts (plates 41a, 42b, ...
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Further Notes on the Sparrow-Hawk

01 June 1936
Comments Main paper time to time I have contributed articles to British Birds dealing chiefly with the home life of the Sparrow-Hawk* (Accipiter n. riisus). Since 1924 I have not done any photography, but otherwise I have kept notes of my observations. These have done littl...
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Hunting of the Sparrow-Hawk

01 February 1932
Comments Main paper the Sparrow-Hawk [Accipiter n. nisus) is shot down on sight and killed whenever the opportunity offers, it is quite a common sight to see one hunting in well-wooded districts at almost any time of year. This is especially the case in territory that is not...
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