01 October 2001
Comments Editorials Thanks to the generosity of well-known artist and staunch BB-supporter Ian Wallace, BB is delighted to offer its subscribers the opportunity to purchase this fantastic DIMW original, featuring European Golden Plovers Pluvialis apricaria and No...
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Monthly Marathon

01 June 1997
Comments Other April's warbler (plate 33) was photographed in an exotic location (in Portugal, by Dr Kevin Carlson, in June 1990) and a few competitors gambled on Spectacled Sylvia conspicillata, Subalpine S. cantillans, Desert S. nana or Barred S. nisoria, but, by a...
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01 May 1990
Comments Notes Wren fighting with Cetti's Warbler. At 07.30 GMT on 9th August 1987, at Abbey Mead Lake, Newhythe, Kent, I noticed a Wren Troglodytes troglodytes and a Cetti's Warbler Cettia cetti fighting on the ground. They were locked in battle, and I came to withi...
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