A Birdwatching Guide to North East Germany and its Baltic Coast: 2nd end

Published on 18 July 2019 in Book reviews

By Roger White

Published privately by the author, 2018

Pbk, 206, colour photos and maps; ISBN 978-0-9571695-2-4

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The author has produced two Birdwatching guides for eastern Germany (already reviewed in BB – 105: 489 & 108: 434). The guide for the northeast was published in 2015, and now it has been extended and updated.

The 1st edition contained 63 sites, the new one now 88. Most (but not all!) of the new sites are found along the Baltic Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein and therefore a much larger area with excellent birding sites is now covered. The stile has not changed, so there is not much to add to the review of the 1st edition. If you want to visit the German Baltic Sea coast or inland Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with its great birding areas such as the Müritz National Park, the islands Rügen and Fehmarn, you will need this book!

Jochen Dierschke