A Centre for Field Ornithology (The Editors)

Published on 01 May 1933 in Editorials

W E very gladly support the appeal printed below. Such an organization as the proposed British Trust for Ornithology, which is to form a national centre for ornithological work in the field, is very much required. We feel sure that the project will greatly interest our readers, the large majority of whom, being keen workers in the field, will at once realize the great value of such a centre for consultation, advice or co-operation in their work. We hope that the Trust will be widely supported not only financially, but also by gifts or promises of books, photographs, MS. notes and other material which would be useful for reference now or in the future. We understand that the sum of Xio will qualify the donor for Life Membership, that an annual subscription will be a minimum of ios., though it is hoped that many will subscribe at least a guinea, and that some may be found, even in these difficult days, who will make very generous donations with a view to putting the Trust on a secure foundation. Backed by an institute such as is proposed, British field ornithology, with the many skilled and keen observers that are available, would make a notable advance, and we cannot too strongly urge every reader to get into touch with Mr. Nicholson or Mr. Tucker and assist the scheme in whatever way each can.AN INSTITUTE OF ORNITHOLOGY AT OXFORD. To the Editors of BRITISH BIRDS. SIRS,–During the past few years developments in

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